Spot UV


Spot UV helps a printed product stand out from the crowd. Applying a high gloss varnish onto selected areas has the immediate impact of capturing the attention of the reader, picking out key areas of the printed sheet. It not only helps to create interest in the printed piece but also promotes the impression of a quality, premium product.


Sometimes this can have even more impact than a gloss varnish, by creating a more subtle finish. Matt spot UV can also create a fantastic contrast if applied to an overall gloss lamination.


The Reflections Silk UV finish combines the richness of a matt finish with a glossy sheen. An ideal finish to separate a product from the crowd.

Hi-Build Varnish

This alternative literally takes spot varnish to another level. Hi-Build not only creates the illusion of an embossed finish, but can also bring an additional vibrancy to the image. This technique lays down a much heavier deposit of varnish and therefore creates a much thicker coating, raising the spot UV area to bring it to the attention of the reader.

Tinted Varnish

As every print business knows, adding colour is a great way to create truly unique results. By introducing a colour into the varnish you can enhance the underlying print and bring additional vibrancy to the imagery. For example, if a solid red ink is printed on to the sheet, by applying a red tinted varnish over the top you will instantly enhance the richness and depth of the colour. By accentuating colours in this way you can help direct the reader’s attention and help your print to really stand out on the page.

Pearlescent Varnish

This subtle effect brings a simple yet classy sheen to a coating. By adding Pearlescent Varnish onto your print you will not only enhance your work with this elegant finish, but also enliven the statement being projected to the reader. For further enhancement, consider combining a pattern effect with a Pearlescent Varnish to create something truly unique.


Here’s a thought – take spot UV one step further in creating a totally unique finish to a job by using it in conjunction with a textured finish to produce an unforgettable job. Textured spot UV can be used to help convey a particular product or the feel typifying the market that a company works in.

Soft Touch

Soft Touch has been developed by Reflections to provide that up-market, luxury feel to print, publications and packaging. As with other recent tactile finishes released by the company, it helps to emphasise the importance of touch to the printed product – a feature that cannot be replicated via the internet! Soft Touch as a spot UV finish gives your print something different.

Overprintable and Foil Blockable

This special high gloss varnish makes it possible to print or foil block directly onto the surface of a spot varnish. This option means that the graphic designer never needs to sacrifice creative flair because of manufacturing constraints.

One Hit Wonder

This recently released and unique product has been specially formulated by Reflections to solve the age old issue of gloss UV soaking into absorbent substrates. These might be low cost substrates, but more typically consist of high quality, specialist substrates, selected by designers for being something different.

Many printers will recognise this problem issue, which often results in a compromise between the finish that was achievable and the paper stock being used. Typically the problem would be overcome by running the spot UV two or three times, increasing costs, time and adding difficulty to the production.

At Reflections we don’t believe in clients having to compromise: this is now a thing of the past with our One Hit Wonder varnish which can provide a perfect UV gloss spot varnish in just one pass.

Pattern effects

Don’t forget that UV can also be applied as a pattern effect, so instead of just highlighting a picture or text, it can actually become an integral part of the graphic design.

Just let your designing mind run free and create something amazing. For example, if you were using an image of a crocodile, snake, or fish you could apply varnish to highlight the scales of the creative, creating something visually dynamic and tactile.

Film Creation

All spot UV work requires a plate for production. Most originators will require film to create the plate from. Reflections take the hard work out of the equation. There is no need to supply us with a spot UV film – simply e-mail us with an imposed PDF file and we take care of the rest.