Duplexing and Triplexing

To help add a whole new layer of dimension and creativity to your print, we are pleased to offer Duplexing and Triplexing services;


Duplexing is the technique of bonding two sheets together to form a thicker board. This process is often used in the production of Business cards and bespoke invitations to help bring that extra feeling of weight, luxury and longevity to the end product. Another upside to this process is that you can emboss or deboss one side of the card and the indent won’t ever show through to the other side. So you can always rest assured of creating the right ‘impression’!


Triplexing is exactly the same technique as above, but this time you will have 3 sheets bonded together. Once again providing increased weight & thickness to the finished item, but also allowing you the opportunity to create an even greater impact, by perhaps choosing a different coloured material within the middle layer. This simple change can provide either the most subtle and elegant of contrast options or if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you can choose something really eye catching and create maximum visual impact.

Both these techniques can be complemented even further when used in conjunction with our Foil Blocking and Die cutting capabilities. Alternatively, you can go on forever and just keep adding layers!!!! There really is no limit to the creativity and flair that you can add to this process.