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Environmental Policy

From the very beginning, back in 1993, Reflections has always maintained a positive and proactive stance on the environment, and with regard to the Health and Safety of our staff.

Reflections has always been involved in recycling of film laminate and coated board through the filtration and skimming methods used by our chosen recyclers. We are under the firm belief that this method of recycling enhances the de-inking process, making for a better and cleaner recycled paper/board.

Reflections is at the forefront with regard to the introduction of bio-degradable, compostable, sustainable lamination films of the wood pulp variety, and is well equipped to work with the introduction of other environmentally friendly films from ethanol sources such as corn and sugar,  which are beginning to come on stream. We will continue to keep our customers fully updated regarding our Organics range.

The company is also aware of the need for advanced waste management and endeavours at all times to make sure this is achieved under the correct licences and certifications of the relevant authorities.

Reflections’ is in the process of achieving the ISO14001 accreditation relating to environmental management practises. We have a number of clients who require our standards and practises to stringently conform to the guidelines set by the FSC council.  Our environmental objectives include the efficient use of materials, and this is monitored and reviewed to ensure that conditions are met through ongoing improvement.

Reflections’ is a company that is 100% committed to adhering to environmental standards, and the benefits that such standards bring to the community as a whole. As a business we will endeavour to keep advancing the development of our Organics range for the future development of the industry.