Embossing communicates a quiet sophistication by creating different levels and textures either within isolated areas or across a full sheet if required. With this specialist technique you can take things to the next level, effectively highlighting text and imagery that can help create emphasis and push your message to the reader.

At Reflections we are experienced at combining this effect with many other processes, such as lamination and spot UV. Embossing is extremely accurate and registers precisely to print, UV and foil. Alternatively, if there is no registration or underlying print, the effect can look striking on its own merits, and is typically referred to as Blind Embossing.

In order to achieve an embossed finish counterforces need to be manufactured and produced to the specific machine requirements. Counterforces are referred to as the “male” and “female” counterpart for the die, and this “matching pair” ensures a sharp and highly impressive image.

Embossing dies can be made from a variety of materials, such as magnesium, brass, or copper, each of which can have their own unique benefits depending on the job being produced. This really is where the expertise offered by Reflections required comes into play, as we can help guide you through this production step and help you achieve the best possible result.

Chemically etched, economic and versatile, ideal for short runs, quick to produce.
Produced by CNC engraving, environmentally clean with no chemicals involved, ideal for long runs, precisely defined edges and shoulders, speedy production, accurate reproduction of single or multiple images, extremely durable, retains heat with good transfer properties, ideal for the application of holographic foils in the security sector.
Chemically etched, ideal for long runs, excellent for holding fine detail, good for regularly repeating jobs, extremely hard wearing and great for crisp edges

Below you will find a guide to the different types of embossing that can be achieved in helping to give your designs that distinctive appeal:

Single Level Embossing

This process raises an image above the natural stock level and can really help to get a message across. Often has the effect of drawing the reader’s eye to a particular point or helping to just simply push out your message.

Single Level Debossing

In contrast to the raised forms used in embossing the substrate, here a sunken effect is created as the material is impressed down. This technique is often used as a subtle effect that once again naturally draws the eye to a specific image or lettering without being over stated.

Multi Level / Sculptured Embossing

At Reflections we can draw upon experienced die-makers that are capable of combining the latest technology with a lifetime of skill and experience in order to create realistic impressions and the illusion of a three dimensional image. Truly incredible effects and significant detail can be incorporated into multi level dies.

Textured Embossing

There really is a limitless amount of textured effects that can be achieved, providing designers with choice and the freedom to either select from a vast range of existing textures or create something completely unique. These effects can be used to either enhance backgrounds or can be combined with our customers artwork to emboss images.

This technique can also provide a cost effective alternative to expensive embossed papers. The extensive range also offers designers choice and freedom to select areas for maximum effect.