Foil Blocking

One of finishing’s most enduring and popular enhancements, foil blocking can create a glamour, sophistication, and up-market effect all on its own. Foiling is the ultimate decorative finish that can be achieved, never failing to create an instant customer reaction.

At Reflections we are proud of having one of the largest and modern foiling operations in the country, capable of turning around work faster than anyone else.

We are able to boast two B1 state of the art foiling machines, capable of foiling at 7,500 sheets per hour.

Foil blocking work can encompass a wide range of jobs, including pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging work, mailers and promotional work, security based projects, up-market product brochures, and even special magazine front covers.

The company is particularly proud of one special brochure cover that required the incorporation of seven different metallic foil colours, all closely registered. The final product formed one of the company’s entries into the 2009 PrintWeek awards.

Foils are available in a truly dazzling range of colours and designs, so why not give us a call and discuss your design ideas for foil blocking.


Foils available:

Bright and brilliant often used on the front cover.
A more subtle flavour of foil
Add a touch of extra excitement to a foil finish
Special colours catered for
Adding an extra layer of security to a package, ticket or label





When you combine these foils with some of our specialist dies you not only take your foiling to another level, but you can create truly mind blowing effects that will last and will remain in the mind of the end user for a long time.

Fluted Dies

revolutionary process allows you to Foil and emboss in one pass,
making registration issues a thing of the past.

Textured Foiling Dies

Design your own pattern or pick from our range and immediately add
value to your print and create a really memorable finish.

Sculptured Dies

Create the most unbelievable detail and effects that you could ever imagine.
If you are looking for something to really impress request a sample today.

Photo Etched Dies

Create your very own holograms with this exciting effect.