Matt HD

This new product prevents unsightly marking on Matt laminated work and ensures that even after binding or hand finishing the job is still perfectly presentable.

MATT HD is a high quality lamination film with a specially designed hard coated layer which protects the look and feel of the matt finish. This latest technology is now readily available and ideally suited for follow-on processing such as Spot UV Varnishing and Foilblocking.

We strongly recommend this film when producing prestigious corporate brochures, perfect bound and stitched covers, hand finished products or any work being shipped over long distances.

Gloss HD

After the success of MATT HD, we were able to go on and develop a Gloss version of this film. Once again we have utilised the hard coating technology available and added an additional layer of protection to the surface of this film.

Of course Gloss Lamination has never been prone to highlighting the marks that can be caused by additional processing, but nevertheless if you are manufacturing work of a real bespoke high quality or something that needs to be endured then we would strongly recommend this finish.

Silk HD

Reflections proudly present the final instalment in our HD trilogy. Silk HD is truly impervious to scuffs and scratches, while still capturing the sophisticated and luxurious sheen
brought only from a silk finish.

We have specifically developed this finish on the back of our clients ever increasing appetite for HD technology and once more promises to open new doors for product enhancement.

Make sure your product will stand the test of time. Choose Silk HD.