It often comes as a surprise to clients to know that Metallised boards are created by a lamination process, but it’s true! Paper stocks are simply converted into Metallised sheets in exactly the same way as a gloss or matt laminate is applied.
We refer to these products as our Metal-X Range.


By utilising our 15 years of experience in lamination we are able to offer the highest grades and quality of Metallised boards that are available. Combining this with our high service levels and 24-hour turnaround you will be sure to receive your board in time for that special project. There really is no job too big or small for us to tackle, so whether it’s one sheet or one million sheets that you need, we can help.


At Reflections we don’t believe in our customers having to compromise, so if you want to send in your own paper stock we will be happy to convert this into metallic paper for you.

Our range includes a variety of Metallised finishes. Whilst Metal-X silver and gold are typically the most popular in the range, there are literally dozens of colours to choose from (including red, blue, green, and purple). We also have an excellent range of brushed films that can help to create major brand identity – in fact many of these are used by some of the largest brands in the world.


You will find many of our films being used today throughout the print industry. For example, in the multimedia market you will see many special DVD box sets that really stand out, or within the cosmetic industry you will see our product in use on luxury perfume packaging. These major brands choose Metal-X time and time again for one simple reason: because it really adds value to the final product.