Specialist UV

One of the best kept secrets at Reflections is an extensive knowledge of specialist screen applications and how many processes we can in fact offer. Over the years we have made it our business to continuously grow and develop making Reflections the market leader within creative coatings. Take your time in exploring this side of our business and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Thermochromic/Heat and Reveal - Click here for demo

These are temperature controlled inks that contain a special pigment that activates when a specific temperature has been reached. Temperature range information can be supplied.
This technology is currently utilised in two main areas: firstly, as a safety feature on labels or packaging to indicate if something is either too hot or cold; and secondly, on a promotional item, hiding an additional piece of information underneath an opaque black ink: once touched or heated up to a specific temperature the information is revealed.

Glitter Varnish - Click here for demo

One of the most decorative and eye catching coatings available. This high gloss varnish contains metallic polyester particles that are suspended within the varnish. When applied they will bring a real sparkle to the printed image. Ideal for magazine covers, DVD boxes, greetings cards and anything that needs to stand out on the shelf. The Reflections product has the added advantage of not flaking off the sheet in the same way as the traditional flitter process.

There is a huge variety of different Glitter Colours available, so why not try mixing them together and create your own unique effect. Glitter particles are also available in two different grain sizes (004 and 008) which can also create dazzling contrast when mixed together

Remoist Gluing / Horse shoe Gumming / Lick and Stick / Stencil Gumming / Laser Compatible gum Click here for demo

This really is the product of many names, but the one we prefer is “Lick and Stick”, as it does exactly what it says on the tin! It consists of an adhesive that is applied to a specific spot area that, once it becomes moist, is reactivated and then capable of providing a firm closure – as typified by a lick and stick envelope. This might also be used for a reply strip on the bottom of a direct mailing campaign.

Latex - Scratch Off - Click here for demo

This process is mainly used on promotional scratch cards or high security products that require opaque coverage. The Latex finish is easy to remove either using a coin or finger nail. This product is typically produced in silver (“Lottery finish”) but is also available in gold, and these can be over printed if required.

Scratch-off cards are so simple, but also extremely effective in helping to generate an interest in a marketing campaign or promotion. They instantly hook people in and generate a buzz as no one can resist seeing if they are a winner. If you have one of these projects on the horizon, please feel free to get in touch and we would be more than happy to offer advice on the best materials and sealers that can be used to guarantee results.

Glow in the Dark - Click here for demo

This is a fun product that really can bring an extra special quality to your print, and add significant appeal. Of course everyone is used to seeing that scary glow around Halloween time, but this really is an all-year-round product. We see this as being a great idea for event tickets, magazines covers, and items that need child appeal.

Scratch and Sniff - Click here for demo

Scratch and sniff offers marketing practitioners the opportunity to bring their print to life with an aroma. Whilst this is often reserved for fragrance advertisements, more adventurous examples have included smelly mailings, and other promotional materials.

Typical uses have focused on perfumery, but the more adventurous have realised the potential for reader involvement with this unusual technique. Certainly there is little limitation with regard to the range of smells that can be produced – anything from roses to tobacco.

Why not try something different for your next promotional campaign! The production technique consists of applying a clear coating – not dissimilar to a varnish – which contains millions of micro capsules, totally invisible to the naked eye.

Each microscopic particle contains just the tiniest amount of scented oil, so when the intended recipient either pulls open a flap or rubs a prescribed area, the micro capsules are broken and the oil gives off its smell. Understanding of the science behind the product ensures a careful application of the varnish – too much pressure and the varnish is spoiled.