UV Varnishing

A UV Varnish is a liquid coating that is applied to the surface of a sheet (available in Gloss, Matt and Silk finishes) which is then dried / cured under an ultra violet light.

Varnishing is one of the best methods available to greatly enhance the appearance of a printed sheet and after applying a UV varnish you can instantly see the difference. The vibrancy of any underlying colour will have dramatically increased, creating a great first impression and make your print or product more likely to be retained. It can also help protect the underlying print, acting as a physical barrier preventing additional set off and marking.

UV Varnishing is so popular in todays print market that you can see its use and the value that is brings in every aspect of the industry. So whether its an overall coating or a spot effect that you are looking for make sure that you incorporate it into your print and get the most from this visually stunning technology.

Outlined below are just a few examples of where you will typically find Reflections varnish being used and the benefits available

Property and Car Brochures

Have you noticed how every image in these brochures has a Spot varnish coating applied to it? In doing so, you are instantly grabbing the readers attention and making the imagery more visually alluring and enhancing its perceived quality.

Magazines Covers

In the UK today most Magazine titles will have an Overall Glossy Coating applied, for the simple reason that it makes them quickly stand out and appear more exciting to their prospective audience.

Book Jackets and DVD Boxes

Im sure that if you walked into any store today you would see a huge selection of Matt Laminated and Spot Varnished titles. This striking contrast is being used in a very subtle way to draw your focus to the title of the product and compel you to pick it up and take an interest.

Corporate Brochures

A great way to get your message across is to simply make it stand out and highlight it. So if you want to attract clients to either your corporate Logo, new product or slogan, there is no better way than to apply a Spot UV, which will instantly draw the clients eye to that selected area. UV creates the appearance of quality and can help make that all important first impression a great one.

Direct Mailing Campaigns

In todays modern environment, we are constantly bombarded with information coming though our doors. Study’s have proved that the more visually dynamic something is, the more time a recipient will spend reviewing the material as a premium piece of literature and not just instantly discarding it. That is why the use of Spot UV is growing year on year in this market.

Luxury Packaging

UV can help promote a feeling of quality and luxury to any type of packaged product. Ideal for cosmetic and perfume boxes it can instantly achieve that required high impact finish.